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Hot Tub Club

Tired of missing out on the best Solana NFT intel?

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The Pitch

The plan

There are many Solana NFT communities that have NFT research channels. We, however, aim to be the first Solana NFT community whose entire focus is on NFT research and is supported by information gathering by the project founders. We plan to combine information scoured from across the Solana ecosystem with intel from prominent private access communities to provide the best info we can find for our community NFT research discussions. See our example reports below and link to disclaimers at the bottom of this webpage.

The how

On top of our own independent information gathering from public sources, we aim to use 50% of sale proceeds to purchase prominent NFTs that provide access to private NFT-holder-only communities and to support the ongoing research of our project. We plan to consolidate the private information from those communities about new NFT drops and secondary market investment buzz with our public information gathering to report on the hottest projects across the Solana network.

The value

For a mint price of 1 SOL, you're purchasing a great looking profile pic NFT that grants you up to one year of access to our routine, high quality information reporting in our private community. Access to all of the other private access networks alone could cost you hundreds of SOL on top of all of the hours spent by our team compiling the information from these sources and across the internet. As if that weren't enough value, you also get a

Detail Intel Report Sample

   (For illustrative purposes only. Actual reporting may vary. Times reported as examples in UTC. Any references to private networks are fictitious in nature and should not be taken as representations of actual networks. Please view on desktop.)
Summary Intel Report Sample
   (For illustrative purposes only. Actual reporting may vary. Times reported as examples in UTC. Any references to private networks are fictitious in nature and should not be taken as representations of actual networks. Please view on desktop.)
                                                                                           Utility           Twitter        Discord      Network       Buzz commentary/     Sample 
Project    Price     Qty      Date      Time      Utility        Timeline       Followers   Members       buzz                Other Notes               Art            Link
SHTC       1.0     7,777   Nov 20    20:00   Research   Immediate      XX.XK           XX.XK            X, X            Innovative, fresh 
OTHC       2.0     6,969   Nov 13    03:00       Game        Future            X.XK              X.XK          None          May never deliver         None  

Use of Funds

25% of proceeds are planned to be used to purchase private access community NFTs. Information gathered from these private access NFT networks will be used to provide additional intel in our research reports. We believe this allocation will provide sufficient funds to continue to purchase new NFTs throughout the membership period.

25% of proceeds are planned to go to funding the administration of the project, including our ongoing information gathering and reporting, maintaining our community, and evaluating new communities to purchase access to.

The remaining proceeds will be divided up among the Founders for their time, effort, and funds contributed to bring the project to life.


The Mint

We plan to mint 7,777 randomly generated tokens for 1 SOL each. We believe the immediate value provided by this project that would otherwise cost someone hundreds of SOL, hours of information gathering, and our original artwork is worth the price. We also need to raise sufficient capital to continue to fund the ongoing reporting and administration of the project for our community.
How is the mint designed?
We will issue the Solana Hot Tub Club NFTs through a fair mint using Candy Machine. Tokens will be fully randomized with no interference from the Founders. The Founders will also not hold-back any NFTs or participate in the mint.

Anything else?

Is this just information copied and pasted from private communities?
We aim to collect the best information across the Solana network, including within private access communities, and providing that information in a snapshot that helps our members make their own investment decisions. We believe this summarized information is a helpful, innovative service that we are providing to the marketplace.  We will also have a private channel within our community to allow our members to freely discuss the latest information shared within our community and provide feedback on the information reporting that may be incorporated in future intel reports. We also believe there will still be significant value to being direct members of the private access communities that we obtain information from.
What is the Solana Hot Tub Club NFT available for mint and what is it not?
The Solana Hot Tub Club NFTs ("Membership NFTs") that are being offered on this site represent a piece of Art on the Solana blockchain memorialized as a non-fungible token. This token will provide access to our private community where we will share intel gathered from across the internet as mentioned in our plan for up to one year from the date of mint. This token does not represent any interest, voting or otherwise, in SHTC Official or its affiliates.
Can I try it first?
Absolutely! We are providing free information reporting in our community discord to any visitors from October 27, 2021 through the mint date. Join our Discord through the link at the top of the page and see the value for yourself!
OK, I get it - I'm getting a piece of art and access to information from communities
that may otherwise cost hundreds of SOL, but 1 SOL still seems high. Why 1 SOL?
We believe the many hours spent each week finding information, administering our community, and providing consolidated reports matches the compensation we are asking for the service. We also plan for our project to be fully tax, legal, and regulatory compliant so that we can provide our service for the fully planned term. These are significant costs that substantially reduce the amount to the Founders, the amount to fund the project, and the amount to fund purchase of private access NFTs because the sale of every Membership NFT is taxable, and we've spent substantial funds already to structure our project to be compliant with relevant laws and regulations.
How long can I expect to receive intel reports if I purchase a Membership NFT?
We aim to provide our information sharing services for up to a year at which point we will reassess the future of the project and openly communicate any next steps with our community. If we discontinue the intel reporting service at that time, we will turn the community over to our members. If we do continue the project at that point, members at that time will have first rights to any membership renewal mints.
Can I expect any payouts to members?
By purchasing our Membership NFT, you are purchasing an exclusive information gathering and reporting service. Purchasers of our Membership NFTs should not expect any profit distributions.
Will the NFTs be available on secondary marketplaces?
We plan to verify our collection on secondary marketplaces to allow them to be listed for sale in the event that a club member no longer desires a membership. Membership rights are fully transferrable and will be accessible by any individual who holds a Membership NFT in their wallet. We will not attempt in any way to manipulate the secondary market price of our Membership NFTs.
How will I know how rare my NFT is?
We will publish our attributes and related rarities along with the actual rarity outcomes from the randomized mint process after our mint is complete.

The Founders




The Founders of Solana Hot Tub Club and our overarching brand, Immediate Utility NFTs, have experience in both traditional financial institutions and the Solana ecosystem. They plan to combine that knowledge to build a brand known for bringing high quality, immediate utility projects to life. Pseudonyms utilized to provide anonymity for protective purposes.

Project Lead
The Solana OG
The Artist

Ian is the project lead. He graduated with honors from a top tier university with a degree in Finance and Accounting and a minor in Economics. He has nearly 10 years of experience in the financial services industry at a professional level across the hedge fund and private equity sectors.

Ben has been investing in Solana NFTs since March 2021. His long-term value investing approach to the NFT industry in both floors and rares has resulted in significant returns, including investing early in (and still holding) multiple high profile NFTs that now trade in excess of a hundred SOL each.

Cory is our artist. He's excited to bring unique ideas to life both in this project and in future opportunities. The Art speaks for itself.

Please read our disclaimers here.

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